Are you Dec or Can in Hereford?

Discover the new Hereford Tour Information page on the choir website in the members' section. More information will be appearing here over the next week. So far you check which services I think you are singing in (please let me know if I have any availability wrong asap). You can see the full music list for the trip, see copies of all the music scanned in and listen to the music on a Spotify playlist (search for Mellor Hereford 2021 playlist on Spotify). You can also see the planned singing formation of Decani and Cantoris for the tour which we shall adopt from now on. Apologies if you find yourself seated next to somebody different or if you have swapped sides and even end up singing a different split part than usual. There is method in my madness! I am prepared for us to 'bubble up' into Can and Dec choir bubbles that are strong enough musically in each part to continue should half the choir have to isolate (Hopefully this will NOT happen!). Families and close friends should therefore find themselves all on the same side of the choir. These bubbles are just for when we are in closer contact inside (mainly the song school rehearsals, travel, eating inside). We shall plan to do most socialising as a full choir group outside but try to keep to Can and Dec bubbles when we are inside. Clearly we shall continue all general hygiene precautions to try to avoid anybody within the group actually testing positive for COVID during the trip. I plan that we shall have separate Dec and Can choir rehearsals in the in the song school during the day but come together to rehearse and sing all the services together as a full choir in the main cathedral/abbey (but will be on different sides as you would expect). Obviously expect all my plans to change as I am in contact with both Hereford Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey and shall have to follow their regulations which are in a state flux. Both Hereford Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey are being very welcoming and helpful. More information will appear on the website... Next I am working on the schedule for each day and finishing the psalm books.... It is going to be a fantastic tour! Please could as many people as possible come to the choir rehearsals on Friday and the outside Choral Evensong on Sunday - this will help prepare for the tour.

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