Choir Hoodies (other fashion items available)

NEW HOODIES ARE AVAILABLE from the new choir shop on our website. The 'Hereford' new season colour chosen by CSG is red and they promise to look hot!

During this Friday's rehearsal there will be sample hoodies to try on to check the size (there are measurement details also on the website shop).

If you have any of the previous season's hoodies that you have grown out of at home please recycle your pre-loved hoodies by bringing these along also on Friday to hand them down to smaller choristers.

As it is bound to be sizzling weather for our tour to Hereford, I've ordered a polo shirt as well as a hoodie. We are not making a profit on these as they are not cheap and I would like to maximise the number that we order. I can vouch for the quality of the embroidery and material - my last one (the dark blue 50th anniversary season) is still doing well after 3 years of regular wear.

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