Choir Hoodies + Website Update

Hi Everyone, Oscar here,

First of all, Welcome New Choristers to the website, hopefully it helps

This years Hoodies are ready! The colour for the Hereford Hoodie is Red.

For new Choir Members, Its usual that we sell hoodies every time we have a Cathedral Residential Trip. It helps members to feel a part of the choir when we go away, and this year is no different!

However this year in addition to the hoodie we will also be selling:

  • Polo Shirts

  • T-Shirts

  • Rugby Shirts

Each item has a different price depending on the size and which item you buy. Unfortunately Rugby Shirts will not be available in Children Sizes.

On Friday Samples of the hoodies will be supplied so you can try them on for size and then buy them.

To buy them please click the link here.

It will take you to a store in which you can choose what you want to buy and then check out and pay by card online. Please try to pay by card. If you cant please email with the details of your order.

There will be a deadline to order these which will be sent soon. After you have purchased the items, an email will be sent in advanced to tell you when the clothing will be available to pick up at a rehearsal.

The hoodies are embroidered with the choir logo which means a lot more quality and durable. If you have any queries about the clothing please email

In addition to this, If you have any older choir Hoodies that do not fit you anymore, please bring them up to church on Friday so they can be given to someone that they do fit!

Website Update

Thanks everyone for Signing up to the website. We now have every Choir Member on the website. Keep sharing it, it is still under construction as we add new features and pages to it. Remember that Scanned music and Spotify Playlists are available for, Hereford, weddings and other events. Feel free to use them to practice at home.


Oscar Qualter

As usual, if you have a question or a point that needs to be raised please contact your CSG Representative.

  • Tom Howling - Choir Master

  • Laura Jarvis (Treble) - Head Chorister

  • Molly Burrows (Treble) - Head Chorister

  • Oscar Qualter (Bass) - Head Chorister + Website

  • Kate Scott (Parent) - Representative for Parents

  • Johann Rosser (alto) - Adults

  • Kathryn Maxwell (Safeguarding)

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