Music to practice at home.

With less time to rehearse at the moment and some challenging music coming up, you may want to do some extra preparation at home with the music. All the music for May and some to look at further in advance is now scanned in and available in the members section of the website. There is also a Spotify playlist available with most of that so you can sing along! It would be really helpful if the Lower Voices could come to their next rehearsal (a week on Friday - 14th May) with the music for Evensong being familiar to some extent! Especially the Sumsion in G for Men's Voices and the 5-part Byrd anthem Viri Galilaei. Upper Voices are learning a new piece by Nardone on Friday and we shall be learning Dyson in C minor and more of the Schubert Psalm 23. Happy home singing!

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