Our new Choir Online Environment

Hi everyone, Oscar here!

Over Lockdown I have been working on a space online where Choir members can access all information such as; Music, dates, emails (All in one place!) and more. This will be helpful especially in these uncertain times to get all the information you need in one space. The Choir members only section will be maintained regularly and will have a status at the top which shows when the next choir rehearsal or service is or if it is cancelled due to Covid etc. This will make it clear for all members and will include a google calendar you can subscribe to which will mean you don't have to manually add each event to your calendar, it will just automatically sync to your calendar! This will also be where you will complete safeguarding forms, Wedding forms etc. All emails from now will be sent via a link. This will mean all emails that are sent will be stored neatly on the website so you can access any emails meaning you don't have to look through your inbox! Lastly all music at the church will be virtually scanned and stored on this. This will be a gradual process so don't expect all music to be on the website at once! To access this Online Environment you need to sign up and create an account. Its a simple process and each request to join the sight will have to go through approval, which will be no longer than 24 hours until you will become a member and can access all of this! Please note: This is just for choir members, CSG and parents/guardians of younger members. Your request will be denied if you are not a member of choir as it is not allowed to be available to the public because of copyright. CSG - All emails will be stored here as well, only you will be able to access them. If anyone has any query's about photos or permissions please contact mellorchurchchoir@gmail.com. You also get a tag/badge when you are approved which states which vocal section you are! Too much time! Haha. Its all automated.

Below is how to sign up if you are struggling!

Website Instructions
Download DOCX • 3.81MB


In addition to this, we also now have a public choir website of our own!

This is a chance for non choir members to find out things like: Recruitment, Booking the choir for weddings, A chance for cathedrals to see us in action! and a history of the choir section written by Mike Benford-Miller! Its a chance for us to get discovered and a space to gain new recruits easily. You can also hear us sing on the Events and Music tab.

That's it for now, All emails will come from here, any media we would usually share elsewhere will also change over to here! Hope you like it everyone and explore it!


Oscar Qualter

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