Rehearsal/Service Schedule for Mellor Church Choirs Released

The choir returns from this Friday April 12th. Due to COVID we shall be operating as three choirs:

  • Trebles

  • Upper Voices

  • Lower Voices

Trebles is full trebles and any recently retired trebles that are around and want to sing in this choir.

Upper Voices is all altos and any retired trebles that would like to sing in this choir.

Lower Voices is all tenors and basses including younger tenors and basses that I rehearsed separately back in December.

Full Choir is scheduled to return in June. Until then you need to be aware which rehearsals and services to come to.

The full schedule up until August is now available by clicking the green button on the choir member page of the new choir website

If you have not already become an approved member and need to access the schedule then please go to the website and request to become a member.

I am lining up lots of exciting new repertoire to learn in these new smaller choirs and am exciting to get back together again. See you soon!

Best wishes, Tom.

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