This weekend - Fri 9th October

Well done Cantoris Choir on an excellent Harvest Festival livestreamed from church last Sunday morning.  The Harvest Samba came across particularly well!

Just a reminder that this Friday is back to Decani Choir.  There is no service in church on Sunday – back to Sunday morning Zoom services until a permanent wifi link to church means that we can live-stream services for those who can’t make it to church or fit in with the spacing restrictions.  Hopefully we should be ready to go in time for November and All Saints and Remembrance… COVID restrictions allowing!

We also have a newcomer this evening trying us out called Lily Croft from Marple Hall School so please make her welcome.  Her mum who will also be there this evening is called Laura.  Please encourage trebles to invite friends from school to try choir out – it is the best way to recruit at the moment  especially as we can’t have pizza rehearsals.

Please remember all the usual COVID rules – have a wee before you come, wear a mask on arrival and departure, hand sanitise and wipe down your space, track and trace, bring a pencil and water bottle.  Under no circumstances should you be a mingler.

I can’t be there tomorrow but will leave you in the capable hands of Matthew and John LeGrove.

Attached is the first draft of the ‘Newcomer FAQs’ which will go on the new choir website to help provide information  for potential new recruits.  Lily and her mum Laura have helped me by providing the questions so far.  If anyone can think of any missing questions then feel free to send them to me and I’ll add them.

Next weekend is Cantoris including Choral Evensong for St Luke’s Day on Sunday October 18th.  You can book a seat with the Parish Office or just turn up at the door for Choral Evensong and I’m sure we will be able to find everyone a space in church.

Sing well.

Best wishes, Tom.

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