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Hi Everyone,

Oscar here again. The website has now been live for over a week and everyone seems to be getting the hang of things. Were slowly adding scanned music to the "Members only section" and have been adding new features to make things less complicated for everyone which was the main idea. There was some confusion over the google calendar accessibility (A way to automatically add all the choir events into your calendar). I thought I would make everything clearer. If you would like to add the calendar to yours click the link below.

It may prompt you to download the Gmail app to your device. Once you have download it. Click the link again and it will add everything to your calendar. (If you need any help, email:

The sites still in its early stages so if things are changing on it don't worry, lots of rearranging happening.

However new things have been added like I said. Because of COVID, taking music from Church is not allowed at the moment. But now on the members page is a new section for scanned music to practice at home if you wish.

The main idea now is to slowly move everything over to the website. So please sign up to the website as the email list will stop being used soon.

Thanks everyone for your positive messages!


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