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Want to join? This page will cover everything you need to know about the choir. St Thomas's choir is non - auditioning which means all  you need to do is just turn up!

As well as gaining musical knowledge choir is also a great way to make new friends and socialize! 


Were always looking for girls and boys any age who are looking to join the choir. The choir meets every Friday for rehearsal and Sundays for weekly worship services. The choir is also part of the voice for life scheme (part of the RSCM). Which provides a framework for choral singers to develop their vocal skills, their musical understanding and their knowledge of repertoire. As well as gaining important musical knowledge the choir will also be a new opportunity to socialise and make new friends. Mellor church choir also conducts a number of trips away. Last year we even got the opportunity to sing in Westminster Abbey. In addition children also get a small amount of pocket money for attending and are paid to sing at weddings.To apply to join us, fill in the form below and our music director will be in touch. 

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What next?

The easiest way to join the choir is to fill in the form below. However if you prefer you can email our director of music. 

If you are a child/parent of child looking to join the choir (7-18)

If you are an adult looking to join the choir (18+)

Recruit application form (7-18 years)
Does your child have any musical knowledge?

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Recruit application form (18+ years)
Which vocal part will you be singing?

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